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Contact our team when you notice signs that your gutters aren’t working as they should.

Functional gutter systems are designed to divert rainwater away from your house’s base to prevent possible flooding and other structural problems. However, residential gutters require replacement from time to time, just like any other component of your house. Ignoring the warning signs of eroding gutters can eventually result in expensive repairs.

Residential Gutters in Owenton, Texas

Visible damage is one of the clearest indicators that your residential gutters need to be replaced. This damage may include holes, splits, cracks, or rusty areas. Gutter deterioration can occur over time due to exposure to the elements, so it’s important to check your gutters frequently for signs of damage – especially after severe weather.

When gutters start to pull away from the house or droop, it may be a sign of faulty installation or structural problems. Not only do sagging gutters look bad, but they do a poor job of keeping water away from your house. Furthermore, if you see water pools accumulating along the outside walls or around the foundation, it’s important to promptly address the issue, as it can cause basement flooding, foundation fissures, and erosion.

Finally, watch how water moves through your gutters after a significant downpour. Water that spills over the edges or cascades over them is a sign of a blockage or insufficient capacity to handle the water volume. Overflowing gutters can harm your roof, siding, and foundation, in addition to allowing water to seep into your home’s interior.

If you’ve noticed any of these signs while inspecting your Owenton, Texas residential gutters, contact our team today to explore your options.

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